Finalist: HaasCookZemmrich STUDIO2050

Adorning the waters edge.
A cluster of slender timber towers provides a stunning addition to the city skyline. The sculptural form lends the Guggenheim a „Beacon-like“ appearance, attracting visitors arriving by land or sea.

A majestic public place in the city.
The towers are gathered around a soaring catheral-like central space, providing a unique home for public events on the waterfront.

A chest for treasures.
The galleries are housed in introverted timber cabinets, stacked within the towers. Bridges between the towers offer the visitor valuable respite with a sequence of new viewing points.

A showcase.
By drawing on the experience of local craftsmen to use local products in the application of simple construction techniques the towers will become a source of local pride.

Expanding heritage.
The play of light and shadow with the massive forms of the towers fashions a new architectural icon and a fitting home for the Guggenheim.