Finalist: HaasCookZemmrich STUDIO2050

As described by competitor:

Five timber towers huddle together at the edge of the Baltic Sea, forming a shimmering beacon on the shoreline. 

Multiple forms produce an interplay of light and shadow that create an inspiring, enticing atmosphere, while glimpses of in-between spaces beckon visitors from near and far. The warmth and familiarity of the wood shingle façade creates a sense of belonging with the landscape, while an ethereal quality is expressed through its subtle oscillation, ruffling, as though brushed by the winds of the sea. Helsinki Five seeks to engage a sense of discovery that is deeply informed by art, instigating close encounters between artwork and viewer, between art-maker and art-making. 

It is a play of hide and seek, light and dark, wide and close, in and out.

Adorning the waters edge.
A cluster of slender timber towers provides a stunning addition to the city skyline. The sculptural form lends the Guggenheim a „Beacon-like“ appearance, attracting visitors arriving by land or sea.

A majestic public place in the city.
The towers are gathered around a soaring catheral-like central space, providing a unique home for public events on the waterfront.

A chest for treasures.
The galleries are housed in introverted timber cabinets, stacked within the towers. Bridges between the towers offer the visitor valuable respite with a sequence of new viewing points.

A showcase.
By drawing on the experience of local craftsmen to use local products in the application of simple construction techniques the towers will become a source of local pride.

Expanding heritage.
The play of light and shadow with the massive forms of the towers fashions a new architectural icon and a fitting home for the Guggenheim.